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Travel Safely with Money

by MLN Staff

A big part of traveling safely is ensuring that your money and identification (ids and passports) are safe and secure. Sometimes wallets and fanny packs just don’t do the job.

Listed below are a few ingenious ideas that can help you travel safely:

  1. Secret smartphone cases. There are many bulky wallet/smartphone cases out there that store cash, your id, and credit cards. While you’re traveling to unknown places you’re going to need something more covert. Nowadays there are smartphone cases that look like simple cases to the average eye, but they actually have secret compartments for money. You can find different cases with flaps online, such as this model.
  1. Cash-stowing jewelry. As you travel you can hide your money in your accessories. There are decorative wrist cuffs that have hidden compartments for your cash. There are cuffs for both men and women, and they come in all shapes and sizes. This cuff, for instance, would look beautiful on an evening out on the town. And this decorative cuff would nice with your summer outfits.
  1. Cash socks. It’s not uncommon for people to stuff money in their socks for safe keeping, but it’s not always the best decision. Money can slip out quite easily. That’s why you need special socks with built-in pockets and a zipper. Men or women can wear a pair like this. So, if you will be wearing long pants as you travel, consider investing in a pair of pocket socks.
  1. Bra pockets. To keep your money safe you must hide it in the last place anyone would ever look. That’s where bra wallets come in. These travel wallets are small and discreet and attach to bra straps. Easily hidden underneath a shirt or dress no one will know where your money is. There are many brands out there for you to consider. This bra pocket, for instance, comes from Eagle Creek.
  1. Scarf stash. Scarves are yet another accessory you can hide money in. While these scarves come in many styles, the infinity scarves with hidden pockets are the most popular. These scarves aren’t just meant for winter either. Many brands also offer spring and summer scarves made from cooler fabrics such as rayon and breathable cotton. One example is the Speakeasy Travel scarf.
  1. Boot wallets. It’s far too warm to wear boots now, but if you’re traveling in the southern hemisphere this summer consider buying a boot cuff wallet. Boot cuffs add a decorative element to your footwear and also hide your money. Some boot cuffs have special compartments for credit cards and cash. With these cuffs, your valuables will be tucked safely in your boot and no one will know the difference. Here’s one example.

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