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Vacation Shame Be Gone!

Many Americans suffer from vacation shame or guilt—they fear their bosses or coworkers will think negatively of them if they take time off. Some workers fear that it might be interpreted as an inability to cope with the pace of the work or a lack of care or company engagement. This is part of the reason why 662 million vacation days go unused by American workers every year. Now is the time to let go of vacation shame and focus on all the benefits of a much-needed vacation.

4 reasons why you should let go of vacation shame:

It’s good for your company

Vacation time for employees is a benefit for the whole company and most bosses recognize this. According to a Project Time Off survey, 82 percent of managers believe that vacation time boosts the morale of their employees and 81 percent believe that time off alleviates burnout. It’s also believed that vacation time can renew an employee’s commitment to their job. In addition it can improve an employee’s focus as well.

It’s good for your health

A healthy employee is a better employee and taking a vacation can truly improve your health. Going on a vacation and spending time relaxing can reduce stress. It’s said that after a “positive vacation” that has been properly planned and consisted of very little travel stress, 94 percent of employees come back with more energy. And that’s not all. Studies show that simply planning your vacation can improve your happiness with your relationships, company, and job.

It’s good for your personal growth

Believe it or not, vacations are a fun way for you to grow. Being in a new country can broaden your mind about different cultures and people. Trying a different activity while you’re on vacation can help you develop a new interest or skill. And if you use part of your vacation for mindful pursuits, such as meditation or personal reflection, you can experience spiritual growth as well.

It’s a good way to redefine your priorities

The typical American spends about one-third of their adult life working. You can use your vacation to reevaluate your priorities. Furthermore invest in things that are really important to you, such as your family, friends, hobbies, and life goals.

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