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Welcome to the World of Birding

A growing number of people are experiencing the joy, peace and health benefits of birding. People that observe birds in their natural habitats engage in the hobby of birding. Bird watching has many health benefits. One obvious benefit is that it gets us outdoors and into nature. We get improved health and mental well-being through ecotherapy. By being in a natural environment  listening to wildlife, breathing in fresh air, soaking up vitamin D from the sun they contribute to alleviating depression and anxiety.

In addition, birding is an engaging type of learning that helps improve our mental functions. Mental exercises like identifying various species and learning about the species help improve our memory. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, when we engage our brain with thinking exercises, puzzles, and new information, we create new neural paths that can significantly help people with degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, dementia, and even Parkinson’s.

Spring is the perfect time to begin the exploration and adventure of observing the world of birds.

Listed below are a few simple steps to help you enjoy bird watching.


 Get a good pair of binoculars. You will have more fun and a greater thrill the more clarity you have as you view these magnificent creatures.

Field guide

You need a field guide for your area of the country. The field guide shows you photos of the birds and includes descriptions of each bird to help you identify them. Most birds are migratory; having a field guide will let you know when to best view various species.


 You can either travel to local parks, nature trails or create your own bird habitat to attract the type of birds you love to watch. Do you prefer birds of prey, songbirds or birds that live by water? All of these are fascinating and you will be drawn to various species and learn where they live. You can bring the birds to your own habitat by learning what your favorite birds love to eat and where they like to breed. Create bird feeders in various colors and feed or birdhouses to attract different species.


If you want to meet like-minded people who love birds, are friendly and will help educate you, join a birding group. There are many birding groups in your area to shepherd you with this new adventure.


 Keep your own bird diary to log your discoveries. If you are developing your own habitat keeping a diary will keep track of how the birds you want to attract are increasing or decreasing. Keeping a diary also logs the places where you have seen certain species so you can return to that destination and feast on their sight.

If you want to experience a delightful movie with your family or friends about birding enjoy the movie The Big Year with Owen Wilson, Jack Black, and Steve Martin. You can learn much more about birding by visiting

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