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What are some positive aspects of stress?

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

Sophia, If you want to experience living an intentional life of true happiness you can’t run from stress or avoid it. Stress is as much a part of life as breathing, eating, and drinking water. Stress is a constant in our lives. There is a reason for stress. Stress discovers our dark places and brings them to our attention. Each stressor that we perceive as an obstacle is actually an opportunity.

Stress is your guide and can be quite a gift. Observe what stresses you. Try to embrace your stress and be compassionate with yourself. Stress is our teacher; you can run for a while, but it will find a way to get your attention. It will surface in your psychological or spiritual well-being at first and eventually wreak havoc in your physical body. Your wondrous potential wants to be expressed in your life and anything that is holding your gift back will create the stress to let you know about it. Stress invites you to make new choices in your life and these choices require action. As you learn to deal with the stresses of your life, your incredible potential will unfold, leading you deeper on the path to true happiness.

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