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You are a Wonderful Mess

Martin Sheen was being interviewed on Entertainment Tonight recently and made comments on the state of our world. The interviewer asked him about his sons, Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez, and how they have been able to sustain such a loving relationship.

Martin Sheen smiled and said, “The world tells all of us we are not enough. We have based our family relationships on the idea that we are a wonderful mess.” Mr. Sheen went on to talk about his devotion and love for his sons no matter what they do in life because he accepts that each of us is a wonderful mess. What a beautiful, graceful, and loving way to go through life with wonder and humility.

Most of us set the bar for “best behavior” as a benchmark for love and acceptance by our family, friends, and world. Mr. Sheen reminds us, as do the great spiritual leaders past and present, that our life is a wondrous journey fraught with challenges and choices, but whatever we choose, we are loved through our ups and downs.

We all walk an adventure of grace.

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