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29 Gift Ideas for Your White Elephant Party

by MLN Staff

White elephant parties or gift exchanges are popular during the winter holidays. It’s a fun party idea for friends, neighbors, and coworkers. If you’re going to a white elephant party this year and still searching for a gift, we have a few Mindful gift ideas for you!

White Elephant Party Gifts

Buying a gift for a white elephant party is quite unique. Unlike practically every other gift exchange, you aren’t buying a present with one particular person in mind. You’re buying a gift that will most likely exchange multiple hands as party goers take turns exchanging gifts.

Since you don’t know who will ultimately end up with your present, it’s best to find a gift that fits the vibe of the group as a whole. This could mean picking a fun, humorous gift for your friends’ white elephant party and choosing something more work appropriate for the office white elephant exchange.

 29 Gift Ideas for Your White Elephant Party

Listed below are a few examples of affordable white elephant party gifts.

  • Miniature kits make great interactive presents and there are a large variety of kits out there—from DIY lip balm kits to DIY chocolate truffles kits to miniature 3D creature kits.
  • Mini games. Everyone loves games and there are tons of mini games that are affordable and perfect for white elephant parties. People will love Clue “Grab and Go,” mini Jenga, or travel chess, checkers, or Connect Four.
  • You really can’t go wrong with a fun mug. People get a kick out of them and there are so many odd ones to choose from. Try buying a sloth, Yoda, Dunder Mifflin, or “Don’t Worry Be Yoncé” mug.
  • Arts and crafts. If you have an artsy group of friends, consider adding an artistic gift into the mix like adult coloring books, watercolor pallets, or a mini sketch book with a mini pencils and pens.
  • Mini kitchen gear. Fun cooking gear will be much welcomed by the foodies of your party. Consider buying a mini breakfast sandwich maker, donut maker, or a personal pie maker. And since the holidays are a popular baking time, consider a buying baking pan that makes cookie spoons.
  • Mini gadgets. From portable phone chargers to wireless speakers to heated car blankets—everyone loves gadgets and there are a lot of affordable options for you to choose from.
  • If there are a lot of book nerds in your party consider buying a fun book for the exchange. Consider a book of jokes, fun quotes, or curious facts.
  • Stress relievers. Everyone has stress so everyone could use a stress reliever. Consider buying a fun stress ball, an electric head massager, relaxing candles, or aromatherapy diffuser.


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