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4 Tech Gadgets for the Kitchen

by MLN Staff

The kitchen is the heart of your home. Millions of households spend hours preparing meals, eating, and hosting parties in their kitchen. Having the right kitchen tech gadgets on hand can make things infinitely easier. Listed below are four tech gadgets for the kitchen that will make prep slightly easier.

4 Tech Gadgets for the Kitchen 


Nowadays, you can’t create a list of awesome kitchen technology without mentioning tablets. When tablets first became available they were often used for gaming or web browsing purposes, but slowly over time, people found uses for them in the kitchen—watching cooking tutorials, looking up recipes, and finding ingredient substitutes. If you don’t have a tablet, consider the QOOQ tablet. It’s a “kitchen-proof” tablet that’s splash-proof and easy to clean.

Hi-tech grocery list

You can skip the pen and paper grocery lists for something more hi-tech. The hiku is a device that records your grocery items for you. The device can record your voice as well as scan the barcode of the item you’ve run out of. The hiku comes with an app so that when you’re at the grocery store you can see the items you’ve recorded and you can mark them off as you shop. Find out more here.

Nutritional food scales

One of the main components of healthy living is portion control and nutritional balance. Nutritional food scales can help you do both. This one from Greater Goods helps weigh your ingredients and calculate the exact nutritional facts. You can calculate calories, carbs, fats, and more. Visit their website for more information.

Intelligent frying pans

Tired of using a thermometer to ensure that your meat is thoroughly cooked through? A hi-tech frying pan with a built-in thermometer and Wi-Fi app may be just what you need. This Pantelligent pan connects to a smartphone app, which keeps track of the heat. The app will tell you when to flip your food (such as a burger or salmon fillet) and when to add your other ingredients. With this pan, you’ll never have overdone steaks or under cooked chicken again.

Bonus: Wi-Fi enabled slow cookers

Do you want to use your gadgets to get out of the kitchen more often? Try one of the new generations of slow cookers with built-in Wi-Fi. You can prep a slow cooker meal, put it in the appliance, turn it on, and take a well-deserved break from the kitchen. With the appliance app, you can monitor the temperature or turn off the advice when you’re away from home.

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