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Experience Joy in 7 Simple Steps

Put More Joy Into Your Life

Why are some people so upbeat and seemingly unfazed by troubles or tension? How do they handle today’s busy lifestyles, pressures, and challenges with such confidence? It seems like happy people have secrets that can zap their stress and help them enjoy life to its fullest. We gathered tips from joyful people to share with you below.

Create Joy Today

1. Start the day right. There is a distinct stress-reducing advantage in making time for breakfast every day. It helps you maintain a well-balanced diet. Starting with breakfast improves your concentration, lowers your cholesterol, and regulates your mood. So, remember to go to bed early so you can make time for breakfast.

2.Smile and laugh. Smiling and laughter release “happiness” hormones such as serotonin and endorphins, and these hormones can help reduce your stress. Studies also show that smiling can actually help the heart by keeping the heart rate low after stressful activities. So, try your best to smile more and laugh more.

3. Be playful. Science tells us that playfulness boosts creativity and also increases immune cells that combat disease and stress. Weekly board games with the kids, a game of chess with friends, or a little ping pong with some coworkers can make a great difference in your life.

4. Be a giver. A generous soul lives a rich, abundant life. Giving helps you connect to your community. Studies have also found that it can increase your longevity. Expect far less stress when you’re more altruistic.

5. Drink a lot of water. The power of water is undeniable. Water helps with weight loss, protects against cancer, prevents headaches, protects joints, clears the mind, and helps relieve pain. It can also help relieve stress as dehydration can contribute to stress. So, frequently drink a tall glass of water and also take long, revitalizing showers or baths for healthy skin.

6. Get a furry friend. Why should you get a pet? Such loving companions are emotional lifesavers. Research tells us pets help you socialize more, they prevent strokes, they lower your stress, and all in all, they bring happiness to your life.

7. Take little breaks. Studies show that as little as five minutes of meditation, yoga, or deep breathing can lower blood pressure and help you handle difficult situations. This is a great benefit for your happiness.

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