Read Your Stress Away

Have you been feeling down lately? Do you have a book on your nightstand that you’ve been meaning to read? Today is the day to start making progress on that book and boosting your mood. It’s National Read Across America Day. And although the holiday is aimed at kids, everyone can benefit from the health benefits of reading.

Time to Read Across America

Today marks the 20th anniversary of National Read Across America Day, a holiday originally organized by the National Education Association. Its purpose is to get children and teens to step away from their gadgets—their laptops, tablets, smartphones, and televisions—and spend the day reading instead. Teachers and librarians are encouraged to plan reading events for students. And parents and mentors are encouraged to get involved as well.

National Read Across America Day is primarily for kids—even the date was chosen in honor of a children’s book author, Dr. Seuss. However, this is also a great day for adults to pick up a book, too. Reading not only helps your brain; it can also help you tackle your stress.

3 Tips to Read Your Blues Away

Listed below are a few health benefits of reading. With these tips, you can read your blues away.

  • Learn new things. Experts have found that learning new things is great for your mental wellbeing and there’s no better way to learn new things than reading a book. According to a report from Pew Research, 26 percent of the participants noted that they loved to read because they learn new information. If you read informative books it could help reduce your stress.
  • Dive into another world. Guided imagery is a well-known stress-reduction technique. With this practice, you generally use calming music or sounds to invoke positive, stress-reducing images in your mind. Reading can provide similar relief. In the previously mentioned report, 15 percent of the participants noted that they loved to read because they liked escaping reality and using their imagination. In short, immersing yourself in the world of Narnia or the mysterious Hogwarts school can help reduce stress.
  • Enjoy some quiet time. A little time away from the noise and the hustle and bustle of everyday life can help you reduce stress. Many people use their quiet time for mindful practices such as meditation or even reading. In fact, according to the Pew Research report, 12 percent of the participants enjoyed reading because of the quiet time. So, kick back with a good paperback and a warm cup of tea and read your stress away.