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A Mother’s Courage

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

It was so difficult today when I turned over the 8 puppies to our animal transport team. We foster dogs here at the farm because space is so sparse at the animal shelter that dogs are euthanized for space. A couple months ago I received a call from the Animal Control Officer Madi and she asked me to foster a “special” mama dog and her 8 puppies. Madi had been called out on a dog call and there was a mother dog and her 8 puppies trapped in a storm drain under the ground. Madi actually crawled down the storm drain and saved the puppies lives. The mother had been washed down the drain with her puppies during a bad storm and she had been nursing them underground ever since. Grace, the name we gave mom, was emaciated, weak and sick because she had received no nourishment for herself and was giving her own life, through her milk, to her newborn babies. You talk about a good mama… We have spent the last 2 months loving these storm drain kids and Grace, their courageous mother. We still have precious brave Grace and will have to see if she goes back to the shelter or whether she has found a home here at our farm, Oak Haven.

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