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The Container Store: Great Employees, Key to Great Company

Walking into The Container Store in Atlanta and being greeted by the most passionate, curious staff was a pure joy. My friend and I are going on a birthday trip to an island off the coast of Canada and we needed some help with what to bring and how to pack. We stumbled into The Container Store and left with amazing travel merchandise and felt ready for an adventure. I love these people! They were invested in assisting us in our needs and we developed a very intimate relationship with each staff person. In the strained world in which we live in I can’t tell you how loved we felt.  I am not kidding. Every question we had they guided us to a product or investigated the answer to help us.

The employees one by one told us how they loved working for this incredible company. Some talked about the company executives, from the CEO down. They felt that their employer really cared about them and their families. I stood in awe of their respect and loyalty.

Afterwards, I checked out this company and found out that at the heart of The Container Store’s success, since its inception in 1978, is their belief that their employees are their number one stakeholder.

“Employees first” is their motto.

FORTUNE magazine has listed The Container Store as one of their “100 Best Companies to Work For,” for the past 12 years. They have less than a 10 percent annual turnover in employees. The core philosophy of the company and their staff is that life should be fun, especially at work.

More companies should follow The Container Store’s example. Their extraordinary dedication to their human resource endeavor makes all the difference. They know that it takes astronomically more time and effort to attract and hire new people than it does to retain great employees. So, go to this Mindful Company, The Container Store, and discover a new family!

Main photo credit: AngieSix / Flickr

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