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Savor Your Summer

With all the heat and seasonal events, it’s not uncommon for people to experience summer stress. If you’re feeling overwhelmed you can reduce this stress simply by embracing summer simplicity. Getting back to basics in your everyday routine can truly help you relax and feel more connected to inner self. Listed below are just a few tips to help you savor your summer.

Woman in the summer garden in a dress eating a berry

 5 Steps to Savor Your Summer 

Simplify your summer style

 Usually picking out an outfit takes time and planning—this summer, make things simple for yourself. Go for simple summer dresses, rompers, or classic t-shirt and shorts combinations. The minimalist summer style looks great on everyone. Plus, remember to always have an outfit on hand for last-minute summer adventures or parties.

Have a makeup-free summer

 A big part of achieving summer simplicity is letting go of your complicated routines and this includes your makeup routine. This summer, go for a “no makeup” look. You can skip makeup altogether, put on some sunscreen, and head out the door. Or you can come up with a natural, three-minute makeup routine. Whichever you choose, just focus on your natural beauty.

Embrace summer headgear

 Hair styling is another time consumer in summer months. Finding the right style that will keep throughout the humid day can be difficult, so this summer embrace hats and scarves. Sun hats, straw fedoras, silk headbands, and patterned head wraps will hide your bedhead and get you out into the bright world faster in the morning.

Get back to basics with your diet

The season is full of tempting, but not necessarily healthy foods, like funnel cakes, snow cones, and barbecued meat. Fortunately, there are lots of delicious fruits and vegetables in season as well, such as watermelon, strawberries, passion fruit, peaches, corn, cucumbers, and carrots. This summer, get back to basics and try to include more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Relax your routine

 Is your schedule usually packed with activities like work meetings, play dates for the kids, dinner dates with your spouse, or neighborhood commitments? This summer clear more space in your daily schedule for dedicated “me time.” You can do something special by yourself, like have a solo picnic, or do absolutely nothing at all. The key to remember is that it should be your time to relax.

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