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Add These to Your Summer Reading List

With lazy weekend evenings and afternoons lounging by the pool, summer is a great time to get some reading done. Catching up on the latest thriller or romance novel is great, but why not spend your valuable time reading for your mind and soul?

Mindful summer reading is a great idea, but don’t restrict yourself to self-help books. A Mindful Living summer reading list can encompass many different genres. The main purpose is to read something that will expand your mind and touch your soul. This could include a graphic novel, a comic book, or a biography.

Listed below are some Mindful examples that could help you build your own summer reading list.

Summer Reading List Ideas
  • New skills, new places. Consider using your valuable reading time to learn about new a hobby or interest you would like to take up. Want to finally write that novel? Consider reading books on writing. Want to learn to tango? Read about the history of the dance. You could also read books about the places you hope to travel to someday. Or read books about cultures that you aren’t familiar with. Consider books about the Middle EastSouth Korea, or New Zealand.
  • Spiritual guidance. Want to reconnect with your inner spirit this summer? Consider adding a few spiritual books to your summer reading list. Consider religious texts or books written by pastors, priests, rabbis, or other religious leaders. You can also use this time to expand your knowledge about religions that are different from your own.
  • Inspirational life stories. If you prefer non-fiction consider reading a biography or memoirs of someone who inspires you or someone you would like to learn more about. It could be anyone from Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa to Ellen Degeneres, or Carol Burnett. 
  • Stressbusters. If you’re looking for a summer read that will reduce your stress consider Dr. Hall’s book Uncommon H.O.P.E. You’ll learn to reduce stress through four pillars: honesty, optimism, perseverance, and “en-joy.”

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