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Beat Your Workaholism

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There’s nothing good about being a workaholic. A few years ago there was a big hubbub about a French law banning after-hour emails from work. It was believed by many that a law like this would help foster better work-life balance for employees. However, it may be more important that we change the way people think about workaholism and practice work life balance tips.

What is a Workaholic?

What is workaholism? According to expert Malissa A. Clark, Ph.D., people who are workaholic often feel compelled to work after hours, constantly think about their job even when they’re not working, and work to exceed expectations despite the negative effects it can have on them personally. Some people (workaholics in particular) believe that the incessant work can have a positive effect. Some people believe that workaholics are just hard workers who find fulfillment in their job. Many also believe that workaholics have a better job and life satisfaction and make model employees for the company, but research shows that this isn’t necessarily true.

A recent study found that workaholism leads to burnout, job stress, and a decreased physical and mental health. It can create conflict between the person’s work life and personal life. And workaholism is not beneficial to employers, as it does not impact job performance. So, constantly working and thinking about work won’t really impress the employer. In fact, they may take the extra work for granted.

Workaholic Symptoms

Do you suspect that you or someone you know suffers from workaholism? There are key signs that you should be wary of. If working additional hours relieves your guilt and negatively impacts your health, then you may be a workaholic. Workaholics also have a tendency to give up hobbies, skip vacations, and neglect healthy self-care practices such as regular exercise and healthy eating. And no matter how hard they work, they are never satisfied by the final result.

Work Life Balance Tips

Once you know the signs of a workaholic there are many creative solutions you can try for your problem. Set boundaries for yourself and stick to it. Leave the office and your work behind at 5 p.m. In fact, try these tips for getting off work on time. Also, try scheduling more time for your friends and family. If they’re addicted to work this may benefit you too.

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