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Black Friday Survival Guide

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If you are planning to go shopping this Black Friday you’ll need a Mindful battle plan.

Black Friday Stats

Not too long ago committed Black Friday shoppers would camp outside stores at four o’clock in the morning, hoping to buy that special gift at an amazing discount. But for good or for bad, Black Friday has slowly started to encroach on Thanksgiving with some stores staying open all Thanksgiving day. Many reporters have claimed that this new trend is encouraging more consumers to go shopping. According to the National Retail Federation, 164 million people are already planning to go shopping Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday; this is up from the 137.4 million consumers who went shopping a few years ago.

6 Tips for Your Black Friday Guide

If you plan on taking advantage of this shopping day, you’ll need the right battle plan. With the right prep work you could save hundreds, but without it, you could find yourself becoming overwhelmed. Listed below are some tips to help with your shopping trip.

  1. Research. For a great start check out general sources like the newspapers or websites dedicated to Black Friday. Then visit websites of the specific stores and read the fine print. You may be able to buy some of the discounted items online from the comfort of your home.
  2. Pre-plan everything. Make a detailed list of what you are looking for (including pictures) and what you are willing to spend on each item. Create an overall budget and stick to it. This will help you avoid buying something simply because it was on sale and regretting it later.
  3. Know the layout. Black Friday is usually chaotic and the shoppers can be ruthless. You’ll have a better chance at getting what you want if you’re already familiar with the layout. Also, if possible, ask an employee beforehand if they know where certain items will be stacked during Black Friday.
  4. Bring a survival bag. You are a soldier shopper and every soldier should be prepared. When you pack your bag consider bringing your shopping list (and a backup list), pens, sale ads, water, energy bars, and a charged cell phone.
  5. Make sure your phone is prepped. There are tons of apps available on smartphones that can help you during Black Friday including deal calculators. Why not try these Mindful shopping apps?
  6. Receipts. Remember to ask for gift receipts. With such great deals, you never know if the person you just bought the latest gadget for has already bought it for themselves.

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