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Build Your Own Indoor Cat Garden

If you’ve ever had a house cat stare longingly out of a window, you’ve probably thought about letting them go outside. The fresh air, sunshine, and foliage would surely be good for them, but logistically, the idea is a nightmare. How do you protect them from loose dogs or parasites, like fleas and ticks? How do you keep them running away? One solution would be to bring a bit of the outdoors to indoors. With an indoor cat garden, your feline friend can enjoy the feeling of dirt beneath their feet without having to leave the warmth of your home.

Cat-Approved Plants

When creating a cat garden, it’s best to pick plants that cats can’t get enough of. An obvious example would be catnip, but there are plenty of other plants you should definitely try. For instance, if you want to create a mini herb garden for your cat, consider lemongrass and mint. Cats love the scent of both herbs and they are non-toxic to felines. If you would prefer having an indoor flower garden consider zinnias or African violets. (You can find more cool ideas here).

Cat enjoys container of grass on the windowsill.

Container Ideas

You can implement this garden in numerous ways. You can simply turn an old litter box, a concrete mixing try, or a long plant tray into a mini garden complete with a few choice plants, dirt, and smooth rocks. This design will allow your pet to stretch out on the grass.

You can also take this opportunity to get really creative. One cat owner placed cat-friendly plants in a large bowl and left some space inside the bowl for their cat’s drinking dish. The final result was a water bowl planter that their cat loved.

A Station for Your Creation

Obviously, the best place for your indoor cat garden is right in front of a big window or at least in a spot that gets a lot of sun. Your plants will need the sunlight to grow and your cat will enjoy basking in the sunlight as they stretch out on their garden trays.

Important Note

When you plant your indoor cat garden, be sure to double-check everything. Some plants are toxic to cats and some fertilizer and compost can have harmful materials in them. To keep your feline friend from falling ill, use only pet-friendly, non-toxic elements for your garden.

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