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Carry-On Bag Essentials

To save money many Americans try to travel with only a carry-on bag. Airlines have different allowances for carry-on bags, but they typically range from 20 to 22 inches by 14 to 18 inches. If utilized correctly this can be a lot of space.

Listed below are a few ideas to help you pack an efficient carry-on bag:

  1. Soft bags. While hard case carry-on bags protect your contents better, soft case bags are more versatile. They are easier to stuff in overhead compartments, and they also expand, allowing you to pack more things. So, to make the most of your carry-on space, go for a softer bag.
  1. Travel storage bags. Clothes take up the bulk of the space in your carry-on. Travel storage bags will keep your clothes compact. You can buy vacuum storage bags that suck out the extra air or you buy bags that allow you to tightly roll your clothes and push out the extra air. Here’s one example that may be useful.
  1. Compact shoes. Shoes are also bulky carry-on items. To save space, consider investing in flexible, compact shoes. There are sporty summer sandals that you can easily roll up in your luggage, street sneakers that fold in half, foldable ballet flats in different materials (including patent, mesh, and animal print), and much, much more. Be sure to do some research before you start packing.   
  1. Compact toiletries. Are you planning on only being away for a weekend or only a few days? Consider packing your toiletries in contact cases. You can use a contact case for your toothpaste, your medication, or your tiny jewelry (like rings or earrings). You can also use contact cases for liquid foundation or other makeup items. If you don’t have room for your makeup brushes, pack q-tips and use them for applying things like eye shadows instead.
  1. Sheets of shampoo/soap. Traveling with only a carry-on bag can be challenging with the TSA regulations. You can avoid some of their strict policies about liquids and save space in your carry-on bag with compact, travel soap sheets. These sheets are essentially concentrated soap that dissolves in water and can be used as liquid soap. These Sea to Summit sheets can be dissolved and used as shampoo and conditioner while these sheets can be used as body wash. There are also laundry detergent sheets and hand wash sheets too.

Bonus. Looking for an ingenious way to keep your money safe while your travel? Look no further! Here are six different options for you to consider.

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