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Cat Ownership Brings Lots of Joy

Most individuals feel isolated and lonely these days. Many of us live in a chronic state of fear and anxiety. Luckily, there is a furry, loving medication that can be your prescription for better health.

Just like sunshine and vitamins, dogs and cats make you healthy. Sharing your life with a four-footed friend can offer your life a variety of health benefits. Being a pet owner can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and ward off depression. Animals remind us each day of the simple joy of being alive.

Other perks of owning a pet include:

  • Lowered blood pressure and lowered cholesterol
  • Reduced stress
  • Medication costs can drop

In addition, research reveals that there are many health benefits of having a cat. Through “feline therapy” you can relieve tension in your bodies just by petting them. The sounds and vibrations of their purrs can also help you relax. Studies also suggest that their purrs may help heal bones, infections, and swelling. Having a cat is known to lower symptoms of depression and reduce anxiety, which is especially great if you suffer from stress.

An American Stroke Association study also showed that cat owners are less likely to die from a type of heart disease than people with no cat. In fact, cat owners are 40 percent less likely to have a stroke and 30 percent less likely to have a heart attack. Many of us think we are too busy or do not have enough time or money for a cat. This study shows that owning a cat may cut your mental and physical healthcare costs by a significant amount not including the pain and suffering caused by diseases.

Cats are a fun addition to any family. Their unique personalities and the humorous situations they get themselves is enough to keep you laughing all day long. And everyone knows that laughter is the best medicine. Considering welcoming a pet into your family? There are animal shelters that are overflowing with beautiful, loving tame cats that need a home. Please consider a four legged angel, or more than one, in your plans for this year.

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