Retire the Right Way

Everyone retires, but not everyone is emotional or financially prepared when it comes to planning for retirement. According to a AARP survey, 43 percent of […]

Prevent Prostate Cancer

Have you, your husband, your father, and your brothers had their annual doctor’s checkup? If not, now is the time for you to encourage them […]

Berry Good Health

From juice and jelly to cookies and scones, cranberries are enjoyed in a variety of forms, which comes as no surprise considering that they are […]

Why Food Could Be Your Best Medicine

Take Charge of Your Health With Food The famous Greek physician Hippocrates quote, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food” has stood […]

Wellness and Aging

Wellness means more than just the absence of illness. Focusing on wellness and aging while practicing self care helps us put our emphasis on prevention […]

Healthy Aging Month

Lots of us focus on “defying” aging, but why not embrace? By focusing on youth we overlook the beauty, wisdom, and grace that comes from […]

You Get Better With Age

Just like a fine wine, you get better as you age. With every new year. you grow wiser, more emotionally stable, and more comfortable in […]

Mindful Alzheimer’s Tips

You can preserve your mental health by reducing your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. And there are many Mindful  Alzheimer’s tips that can help you do […]

Serenity Slows Aging

Serenity is the opposite of stress. Learn a few simple practices that scientific research has proved lowers blood pressure, slows aging, lowers your heart rate, […]

Exercise Gives You Life

Research tells us about the many benefits of  exercise such as endorphins, in the body, which reduce stress. Exercising decreases your risk of heart disease, […]