Get a Dose of Nature’s Prozac Today

Get a Dose of Nature’s Prozac Today A simple walk can be the equivalent of taking either an anti-anxiety drug, an antidepressant or a sleeping […]

Boost Your Mental Health

Today is Mental Health Awareness Month, so it’s a good time to discuss our mental health practices. Have you had a mental health check-up recently? […]

stress shrinks the brain, stress and mental health

Stress Is Shrinking Your Brain

Stress is linked to brain shrinkage. A recent stress and mental health study from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio reports […]

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Super Stress-Busting Foods

Stress Is Eating You Up When we feel stressed, many of us turn to food to ease the tension. This incessant snacking can lead to low […]

It’s 3 AM and You’re Awake?

You’re Awake and You Are Not Alone It’s 3 AM. Are you still awake? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Over half the adult population has sleep […]

Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves

Medicine Cabinet Spring Check-up It’s time to give your medicine cabinet a Spring check-up. Make sure you have the tools to treat many minor illnesses […]

The Surprising Benefits of Ecotherapy

Ecotherapy Is Medicine It’s almost Spring and Mother Nature is beckoning you to get outside and join her majesty today. With good reason too, because […]