national kidney month, kidney month

National Kidney Month

March is a time to spread national awareness about kidney disease and our lifesaving kidney donors. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are […]

National Puppy Day

Do you have a puppy? Today is National Puppy Day, the day to celebrate the love, compassion, and devotion dogs give to us every day […]

national goof off day, goof off day

National Goof Off Day

We could all use a break. For National Goof Off Day, do something fun after work. Celebrate and have some fun with your family and […]

inner peace

Inner Peace Day

Do you experience inner peace on a daily basis? If not, what is stopping you from experiencing real peace in your soul? Is there a relationship […]

First Day of Spring

Spring is finally here. What are your goals for the next three months? Do you want to get more organized, play more, or spend more […]

let's laugh day

Let’s Laugh Day

Laughter is healthy. It lowers your blood pressure, increases your artery diameter, and sends tons of oxygen to the brain and other organs. Although today […]

Forgive Mom and Dad Day

How many of us still hold festering anger and wounds from our childhood? You must strive to move on, heal, and free your soul, and […]

St. Patrick’s Day

Today is a day of feasting to honor the Roman Catholic Apostle of Ireland, St. Patrick. One of the great legacies of the Irish is […]

national social worker month

National Social Worker Month

This is the month to spread awareness about all the work they do. March is National Social Worker Month, and it’s a time in which […]

true confessions day

True Confessions Day

Confessing our wrongdoings to others is an important part of some of the most successful spiritual movements. It  cleanses the soul, opens the heart, and […]