Mindful Travel Series: National Parks

It’s vacation season and you’ll want to make the most of this precious time. This year the Mindful Living Network is debuting a travel series, with each article featuring a different summer travel destination. This week we start our Mindful travel series with an American treasure: our national parks. America’s…

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pearl harbor, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Schedule a Camping Trip to the Catalina Island

Catalina Island is a beautiful piece of the California archipelago chain with a mix of sweeping hills and soft sand beaches. Sparsely populated with people and buffalo, it’s the ideal place to reconnect with nature. Your trip begins with a ferry ride from the coast of Los Angeles to Two Harbors,…

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5 Easy Camping Recipes You’ll Enjoy

June is National Camping Month—it’s time to explore the great outdoors! As you pack up your sleeping bag and tent for your next camping trip, you’ll also need to pack some food and yummy camping recipes. S’mores and hotdogs are staples of campfire cooking, but why not get a little…

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