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National Parks Are in Danger. Let’s Save Them!

The Dangers to Our National Parks Yes, our beautiful public lands are under attack. From rising park fees to the shrinking of our national monuments and attempt to sell public land, our government doesn’t seem to value our parks as much as we do, which is a growing danger. Climate…

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Creature Comforts for Business Travelers

Are you a business traveler? Business travel is booming so keeping your sanity while traveling is important. By doing some research and preplanning, you can ensure a pleasurable and successful business trip. 6 Business Trip Tips So, as you start planning your next business trip, consider the Mindful Travel® tips listed…

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How to Be A Mindful Traveler

Too many tourists today have terrible travel etiquette. They’re rude to locals, they’re disrespectful of traditional customs, and they leave the local environment in worse condition than when they arrived. It’s an unfortunate trend that we can all stop with just a few Mindful travel tourist tips. So, before you…

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Memorial Day Weekend Travel Tips

The stress of holiday traveling can put a person over the top and with Memorial Day weekend being the first major holiday of the summer season it can be a particularly stressful time. Here are a few mindful Memorial Day weekend travel tips. Millions of people are packing a bag…

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Vacations Help You Live Longer

If you don’t have vacation plans, you aren’t the only one. Millions of Americans skip their vacation opportunities, which could be an unhealthy decision. Research from experts shows that vacations prevent stress and are important for your wellbeing. Here are some vacation de-stress tips. Lost Holidays Millions of Americans don’t…

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3 African American Museums You’ve Got to Check Out

Books, podcasts, apps are just a few ways for people to learn more about African American history. Visiting museums is another great idea. Fortunately, there are tons of museums that feature influential leaders in the Black community. Listed below are just three African American museums to help inspire you. Benjamin…

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