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4 Mindful Travel Practices

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Next time you take on a journey don’t forget to check out our mindful travel practices to ensure a safe and relaxing flight.

4 Mindful Travel Practices

Air travel as a classroom

Take this time to read or study some course or subject you have always wanted to learn. Learn Spanish from tapes or books, refresh yourself on geography, or learn more about philosophy. Pretend you are taking a class and create an attitude of a student learning something new. You will be surprised how quickly you can develop a new hobby, language or interest.

Air travel can be your portable chapel

Many people say they have no time for meditation, guided imagery, or prayer. Air travel is the perfect opportunity to cultivate these spiritual practices. Carry a set of beads in your purse or briefcase.  Meditation and prayer beads are a part of all ancient religions and spiritualities. It also helps when you sit by trying people or your airplane experiences turbulence. Throw a shawl in your briefcase or carry it with you. Meditation and prayer shawls have been a part of major religions and spiritualities since the beginning of time. A shawl is also nice to cover up with while waiting for a late arrival at the airports or on the airplane when it is cool. You can also carry books or CD’s on books on spirituality and health and learn more about self-care.

Air travel can be a stress reduction lab

Since traveling can be stressful, this is a great opportunity to practice many stress management techniques. Learn certain yoga positions that you can practice on a chair or seat on the plane. Take a meditation or guided imagery CD in your brief case to listen to each time you travel. It will increase your practice and also create health benefits. We know that meditation lowers blood pressure, creates better immune functioning, lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and lowers the risk of all other diseases. Take your beads and learn to do deep breathing exercises with the beads, or repeat a short inspirational peaceful affirmation as you touch each bead. This increases oxygen into the brain and other vital organs, creating health, focus and lowering stress.

Tools for your travel

At our company, the Mindful Gifts, we create a line of products for airline commuting, such as mindfulness bracelet beads, breathe beads, travel mugs, and shawls. You can view these products on line.

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