Aromatherapy 101

Aromatherapy Has Ancient Roots Humans have used aromatherapy practices since ancient times, for medicinal healing and worship rituals. Our ancestors knew aromas had a great […]

7 Fabulous Ways to Celebrate Easter

Everyone Can Celebrate Easter Happy Easter! Easter is one of the most important holidays in the Christian faith, but with the brightly colored Easter baskets […]

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Say No to Easter Pets

Baby Animals Are Common Easter Pets Baby animals (such as bunnies, lambs and baby chicks) are common Easter pets, and every Easter, people give or […]

Laugh the Stress Away

Laughter is the Best Medicine Laughing truly is the best medicine, especially when it comes to stress. Laughter distracts us from negative events and emotions […]


The Mystery Behind Easter Eggs

Eggs Are a Powerful Symbol There are many folklore and myths associated with egg symbolism. For example, the story goes that if eggs were laid […]

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Beautiful Organic Easter Egg Dyes

Prized Egg Decorating Traditions Decorating eggs to give to friends and families is a symbol of friendship, love and good health. In addition, it has […]

Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves

Medicine Cabinet Spring Check-up It’s time to give your medicine cabinet a Spring check-up. Make sure you have the tools to treat many minor illnesses […]