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Different Balls That Can Lower Your Stress

Stress balls are common tools for stress relief, especially in offices. However, they aren’t the only kind of balls that can reduce stress. There are many other Mindful tools that can help lower your stress.

Stress Balls

Stress balls are made from a variety of materials, like rubber or foam, and they come in a variety of shapes, like globes or basketballs. They lower your stress by relieving tension in your muscles (specifically in your hands and arms). This can relax your nerves and help relieve some of your stress symptoms. However, these aren’t the only balls that relieve stress.

How to Reduce Stress With Different Types of Balls

Listed below are different types of balls that can lower your stress.

  1. No-bake energy balls.

    Experts have found that during times of stress, hunger hormones increase. Fortunately, a healthy snack, like no-bake energy balls, can lower your stress and fill your tummy. This snack is made with oats, flaxseeds, coconut, almonds, and honey. These ingredients keep you full and certain ingredients like almonds can help lower your stress. Make these snacks in advance and keep them at your desk for office stress relief.

  2. Soft-weighted balls.

    Physical activity causes your body to release endorphins that can lower your stress; that’s why exercise is great for stress relief. Using weights makes your body work a little harder, thus producing more endorphins. That’s why soft-weighted balls are great for stress relief. These weighted balls are usually made from nontoxic, latex-free vinyl and are full of sand and iron. They usually fit snugly in your palm and can weigh between one to seven pounds. You can use these weighted balls to exercise at your desk to lower stress, and you can find them at any sporting good stores.

  3. Massage balls.

    Experts agree that massage treatments can rid your body of muscle tension, pain, and even stress. Unfortunately, regular massages can be a costly expense for families on a budget. However, you can give yourself or your loved ones stress-relieving massages with the right tools like massage balls. These balls are made of rubber or a similar material and covered in spikes. The balls come in different sizes. You can use these balls to relax someone else. Or you can reduce your own stress with these massage ball exercises. Like weighted balls, you can also find these balls in sporting goods stores.

  4. Round candles.

    Certain scents can help you relieve stress, improve your mood, and positively impact your overall health. With aromatherapy, you usually use essential oils, but you can also use candles, round candles, to lower stress. These candles come in various designs like a rose bush, a ball of yarn, or Death Stars. To relieve stress it’s important to buy candles with scents that lower cortisol levels like vanilla and peppermint. So, the next time you’re stressed, consider lighting a candle.

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