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DuPont Company: Putting Employees First

by MLN Staff

DuPont creates a Mindful Work® experience for their employees. The company offers many programs that help employees live a better life. DuPont provides educational opportunities for employees to advance their careers. Its family leave program allows full-time employees to take some much needed time from work. DuPont employees can use their “family leave” time for maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption, the placement of a foster child, or to deal with the serious illness of a family member.

DuPont assists employees with Dependent Care Spending Accounts that allow employees to offset the cost of childcare with pretax dollars, backup childcare services, and adoption assistance. It offers guidance resources to provide employees with practical advice on parenting, education and college planning, career advancement, and more. DuPont also has flexible work practices.

In short, this company encourages their employees to achieve their greatest potential, while balancing their professional and personal lives. DuPont is a true advocate of creating

DuPont is a true advocate of creating work-life balance–for this, DuPont is one of our Mindful Companies.

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