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Easy Self-Saving Money Plan

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

Every penny counts for many American families. With the holidays looming across the horizon, it’s not too late to start forgoing the gourmet coffee in the mornings or weekly dry cleanings. There are many ways to turn little purchases and loose change into a bundled lump sum for future purchases. Follow our self saving plan and you will be on your way to saving money today.

From correcting bad habits (i.e. swearing, smoking, or drinking) to encouraging your creative side, you can explore fun ways and start saving money

  1. Make your own greeting cards. You don’t have to be an artist to pull this one off. Go online and check out some ideas for personal greeting cards! Use quotes from your favorite poets, philosopher, or author. If you’re not sure about drawing, download free stock images to paste or use as stencils. Use scrap materials or leftover school supplies. Once you get those creative juices flowing, you will be surprised at what comes out.
  2. Throw a clothing exchange party. Are you looking to add new clothing pieces to your wardrobe? Have you lost weight and clothes you own no longer fit you? Get a group of friends-of-friends together for a clothing swap meet! Arrange for clothes to be delivered to your house in advance and organize them the day of the swap meet so guests can pick out what they want to add to their wardrobe. Make it a potluck party where people can bring their favorite dishes to share.
  3. Remember the library? There are multiple ways to save and invigorate yourself at this forgotten community institution. If you had to get rid of your online movie streaming service back on the bills, rent movies at the library. Like to read magazines? Spend an hour or two checking the magazine rack. Libraries also provide free to subsidized services like story time and after school tutoring for kids, and they are also great places to meet other families in the community.
  4. Don’t forget the jar. You can either use it to collect loose change or use it as a way to set a new habit or standard for yourself. If there’s a habit you’d like to break — like swearing — start “charging” yourself every time you find yourself doing it. And when you succeed, you’ll have a tidy little sum to celebrate with!

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