Angry? Parents, Stop Yelling

Most of us are members of the parent club. This means it’s normal to get angry and most of us yell. However, when you find yourself angry, begin by considering: compassion, forgiveness, and kindness. Tell yourself to stop yelling, the shame and self-deprecation towards yourself and your kids! Yelling doesn’t do anyone any good. Then, imagine your family as a team. Be honest, authentic and kind to each other, including yourself.

Mindful Family™ Tips, just remember A.T.M. (these simple tips are like withdrawing money out of the A.T.M. Instead, you are withdrawing love and happiness):

  1. AWARENESS: Begin by becoming aware of our mentally and physically with you. Start collecting information on yourself. Does your heart start to race, are you moving fast, is your jaw clinching, is your voice getting loud? It’s usually easier to become aware of your physical cues first before your emotional ones.
  2. TRIGGER: Become aware of what your triggers are. If you are stressed, tired or in a hurry you can be more volatile. If your daughter’s room is a so gross you are about to call the CDC or your son’s ear buds of his iPhone have grown into his ears, begin to know what sets you off.
  3. MONITOR: Keep track of your anger and yelling. No one remembers exactly how many times we yell. It becomes a blurr. On the refrigerator, or a public place, each person yells. This way your entire family can be on the same page and support each other. This also gives you a diagnosis, clear information, on what is going on in your family.

In order to create a Mindful Family just remember A.T.M. These tips are critical in developing intimacy, vulnerability, compassion and love.

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