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5 Ways to Reclaim Summer

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Enjoy the Essence of Summer

With families coming back from vacation and kids going back to school, summer is quickly ending for many Americans. Fortunately, there are ways for holding on to summer longer.

Summer invites you to experience the inner sensuality and beauty of the season, making this the perfect time for inner reflection. To hang on to the essence of summer consider engaging your five senses.

Helpful Tips for Holding on to YourSummer 

Summer scents

 Take advantage of the unique scents of summer. Take time to appreciate the fragrant variety of summer flowers like roses. Research shows living with flowers provide a boost of energy, happiness and enthusiasm at work. Reclaim your summer by making a list of items you will investigate anew with your nose. Take time to appreciate the smell fresh cut grass and BBQ. Consider investing in candles that will remind you of the beach or a mountain breeze.

Summer sounds

Take special note of the sounds of summer, such as the tiny goldfinch outside your window or the echo of crickets in the night. Feeling stressed at work? Consider plugging in your headphones and listen to a YouTube clip that featured the sounds of the beach with rushing waves and seagull calls.

Summer tastes

 Taste the abundance of summer foods. Taste fresh fruit like watermelon, blueberries, peaches, and different varieties of tomatoes or strawberries. Take advantage of veggie season with delicious treats like silver queen corn, fresh green beans, yellow squash, cucumbers or peppers. Try new salads, dressings. And consider having one last BBQ before the seasons end.

Summer sights

Practice awareness by experiencing the colors of summer. Notice the colors of the summer sky, flowers, trees, grass and the rich variety of the green tones that surround you. Try wearing rich, happy colors that give you enjoy and remind you of summer. Consider taking the kids on a picnic or visiting a local botanical garden.

Summer touch

Your body is covered up with layers of clothing in fall and winter. Summer will be your last opportunity to let the sun touch your skin (with the protection of sunscreen of course). So take some time enjoy the long summer days by participating in fun outdoor activities like badminton or running through sprinklers with the kids. Also consider investing in the health of your skin with summer fragrant lotions and refreshing showers.

Remember that this season holds endless possibilities. This is your life and this is your summer. Take the time to mindfully reclaim your summer.

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