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Freedom is the Oxygen of the Soul

Do Your Freedom Check Up

Moshe Dayan’s quote, “Freedom is the oxygen of the soul,” reveals the essential nature of freedom in our lives. July is the month we celebrate our nation’s birthday and we celebrate our nation’s freedom. It is also a time that invites us to become mindful of the freedom of your mind, body and soul. July is a powerful month for each of us on a spiritual level. Take this time of year to do a “freedom check-up” for your own life. When we are attached to things such as financial status, material possessions, our role as mother, father, husband, wife, our career or our ego, we are living in bondage. The more attached we are to our “things” the more spiritual, emotional and economic energy we have to exert to hold on to these attachments.

All of the great spiritual leaders came to free us from our bond ages: power, money, status, fear, anger, jealousy, class, poverty, ignorance or addiction to name a few.

Some Questions To Ask

  • How free are do you feel to be your authentic self in this world, with your friends, at work and in your family?
  • Have you sold your freedom for security in some relationship or a job or career?
  • Do you encourage the people in your life to be free in your presence with their words and actions?

Tips for a Simple Freedom Check Up

  1. Freedom Scale. Get a piece of paper and list: friends, work, family.  On a 1-5 scale write rate how truly free and authentic you feel in each of these environments.
  2. Mindful Reflection. Practice mindfulness and you look at each number on your list.  If you put a number 3, with your friends.  What would it take for you to be a 5 with your friends?  Maybe sharing a hidden truth of your life or spending more time with a friend to get to know them better.
  3. Exploration. Go into your heart and explore your most personal relationships with your family.  Are you free to be your authentic self in your family and with your spouse or partner or are you pretending?

This July explore your life in mindful reflection as you go through a freedom check up . Are you really free?

“I’m 50. So what? I was raised to be free and to be whatever I am.” – Actress Melissa Leo

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