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Gift Ideas for Your Friends Next Door

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Being a considerate neighbor doesn’t just mean keeping the party music down or making sure your dog doesn’t end up in their yard. This year show your appreciation with mindful gifts for neighbors on your street. They’ll be thrilled that you were thinking of them.

Mindful Gifts for Neighbors
  • Care packages. Not sure what to give your bachelor neighbor? You can never go wrong with a Saturday morning care package. Fill a decorative box or basket with magazines (sports, entertainment, etc…), a coffee mug, coffee beans, muffins, and other goodies.
  • Home decor. Why not brighten their day by brightening their home? Snowflake doormats and wind chimes are great, no matter what holiday they celebrate. Ornaments with their initials or holiday serving platters with a holiday cookbook are also great ideas.
  • Holiday green. Bring some green into your neighbor’s homes with a pocket garden or a terrarium. You can make one with a jar and small plants. You can also purchase kits online or at your local hardware store or nursery.
  • Family treats. If you want to give a gift that your neighbor’s whole family will enjoy try a gift card to a local theater so the family can see a movie together. You could also consider giving classic holiday movies and a box of popcorn or family board games as a gift.
  • Tasty kits. Appeal to your neighbor’s sweet tooth with a tasty kit. Fill mason jars with the ingredients for s’mores and cocoa mix or the dry ingredients for sugar or chocolate chip cookies. Put the recipe on a label, attach with a bow and you have a delicious gift.
  • Think simple. If nothing seems to fit your neighbor’s taste then consider a simple present. A bottle of wine, sparkling cider, or sparkling grape juice with a homemade card makes a great gift. If you are unfamiliar with their choice of beverages than try bouquets of flowers!

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