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How can I have more perseverance?

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

Rod, Make sure you are exercising your body on a regular basis as well as your mind. Keeping your physical body strong feeds perseverance. Simply walking daily, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or doing yoga a few minutes a day will help build your stamina. Study people you admire, in history and presently alive, who lived lives of perseverance. Each person had created a variety of tools to create perseverance, and some of these will speak to you. Keep their books close to you so you can keep nourished.

Seek out workshops, seminars, and continuing education in the fields you are interested in. If you are interested in being a master gardener someday, begin by taking initial gardening classes. As you develop more confidence and experience, you will develop perseverance, courage, and confidence in your gardening skills.

Set personal goals for your life. If you want to change careers, begin by writing down your goal followed by creating your plan to create this change. When you suffer setbacks, and you will, pull out your written plan and make the needed changes. Committing your goals to paper develops your perseverance.

Share your goals and dreams for your life with those you love. Your family and friends will be your cheerleaders when you stumble or forget what’s important. They will also celebrate your victories and be your blessed support system in your times of failure. Seek outside support groups to fuel your perseverance. When I was attempting to learn meditation, it was my support group of fellow meditators who taught me perseverance and gave me tips on how to persevere.

Maintaining a healthy body helps grow your perseverance. When you are rested, exercised, and healthy, you feel strong and resilient, ready to face obstacles with fortitude and courage.

No one plans to be up a creek without a paddle, but it happens. If you have provided a framework for perseverance, you will manage to row your boat home even if you must lie down on your belly and use your hands and feet.

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