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How can religion or spirituality help me live a more honest life?

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

Anthony, We know what truth and honesty are, but we cannot always practice them on our own. Sometimes we have to ask for help from a Higher Power, God, religion, or various spiritual entities.

We live in a diverse global world with our citizens practicing a wide variety of world religions. What do you know about how various religions experience the Divine in their dogma, doctrine, or sacred texts? Consider taking a world religion class at a local community college, or purchase a world religion book and explore other religions of the world.

Discover the Divine in new ways. If you have not listened to the Divine in the silence of meditation, this could be the time to take a meditation class. Many find new meaning with the Divine through music or art. I took an amazing iconography class that challenged my previous experience of the Divine. I have studied with shamans in the midst of nature, and my concept of the Divine expanded beyond anything I would have imagined. I invite you to explore the many paths to the Divine. Your journey will be exciting, and you will be amazed to discover the wondrous other souls on a similar rich path to an extraordinary life.

We each have a source or spring of our own, but to replenish it and keep it moving on a path we need to connect with the Divine, where there is always an abundance of holy water to both soothe and freshen.

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