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Inspiring Secrets of Super Bowl Winners

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

Different teams are playing in the Super Bowl every year. But there are perennial life lessons we can all learn from these magnificent players. We can all strive to live lives of excellence and tremendous achievement. Today I wanted to share a few of these invaluable life lessons.  

  1. Take risks.
  • Football. If you do the same football plays over and over, you will never get to the Super Bowl. Your opponent will memorize the same plays and will win. Quarterbacks, players, and coaches have to play risky games to get to the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl.
  • Your Life. Remember the simple saying, “no risk, no reward.” Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” You have to think differently and take risks. Risk involves uncertainty about the effects/ and implications of an activity. Experience risk as exciting and energizing. You are opening your life to something new. You are emerging upon a new victory or win!
  1. Stay in the game. Perseverance is the key to life. 
  • Football. Interceptions, fumbles, turnovers, missed field goals, injured players could defeat a football team. Great players and teams know this is just a moment’s challenge and not a defeat. They fail and get right back up. Their perseverance inspires us.
  • Your life. Fall down 40 times get up 41. Perseverance is one of the critical traits I talk about in my book, Uncommon HOPE. Perseverance is one of the greatest attributes one can possess. Perseverance means to continue a course of action despite difficult opposition. Perseverance is grounded in determination and resolute purpose. Being honest and optimistic enough to overcome obstacles and having hope amid suffering requires grit, stamina, endurance, and steadfast and tenacious attention focused on hanging in, holding fast, pressing on, seeing through, toughing it out. In short, perseverance is courage.
  1. The past is over. Don’t get stuck in the past.
  • Football. Imagine you are the quarterback or a receiver. Imagine you are behind in the score. The quarterback throws the pass to the receiver, and they miss this critical play of the game. They have to shake it off. They know their failure is over. To win, they have to move on with a clear mind for the next play.
  • Your life. You lost your business. You lost your job. You have been divorced twice. Get over it! Move on! It was an experience of life hopefully you learned from. You are growing and learning. If you stay stuck in the past, you can never move on to the future you have dreamed of.
  1. Presence. Stay present.
  • Football. To be powerful, efficient, and effective, each football player must stay in the present moment. Players practice deep breathing to return them to the present moment. They help each other stay present. Breathe-Shake it off and return to your breath 
  • Your life. You will be more powerful, more aware, happier, and experience life to the fullest if you live in the present moment. Develop a practice every hour or two to take deep breaths. 
  1. You must be strong. Be prepared to become mentally and physically strong.
  • Football. These football players are prepared in mind, body, and soul. They have done many years of daily training. Their greatness is not luck or an accident. Their lives have been a lifetime commitment to training on every level. Self-discipline is the key.
  • Your Life. Many people observe other’s lives and say, “Aren’t they lucky, or she must have won the lottery. “You must develop strength for the journey. Happy, authentic, successful people are self-disciplined. Discipline is an inside job.
  1. Be Creative. Think outside the box.
  • Football. You can’t win ifyou play the same football plays over and over again. If you do, your competitor will win. They will see you won’t innovate and create new plays that can surprise the other team.
  • Your Life. One of the greatest assets for your life is investing and nourishing your creativity. Your creativity will make your life magic and fun, along with happy and rewarding. 
  1. Have a team. Create a support system.
  • Football. A player can be a star, but only if he has a team to make him that star. There is NO “I” in team. Other players make you a better player and a better person. Football players have an elaborate, massive support system.
  • Your life. The world-renowned cardiologist, Dr. Dean Ornish, said, “Isolation kills-community heals.” Your team, your tribe, is your lifeblood, your source of nourishment, love, and peace. Your tribe helps you grow to be the best that you can be. They tell you the truth and are there for you in the worst and best of times. Invest in your support system.
  1. Play! Have fun!
  • Football. These football players are having fun. That is why they say, “Play football.” The major reason football players love football is because they have so much fun playing what they love.
  • Your life. Are you having some fun every day? Play, play, play. Discover new ways to play. Dance with your dog. Sing to a bird. Have fun in your shower. Find new ways to play every day. Playfulness makes you happy, it creates health and happiness.
  1. Kairos. Your time is now. KAIROS in Greek means God’s time. The is your appointed time!
  • Football. The Super Bowl football team has invested many years of discipline, practice, sacrifice, and work. But this is the Super Bowl, and this is each teams time to challenge each other to be the best they can be
  • Your Life. This is your time. This is your Super Bowl. But you have no competitors. The only competition that stands in your way of living your authentic life is allowing your life to slip away into complacency and mediocrity. Live your intentional, glorious life. This is your Kairos. This is your time.

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