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Why the Super Bowl Could Kill You

Don’t let the Super Bowl kill you… John Ryan, MD, FACC, FAHA, says that people experience an increased risk for heart attacks during the Super Bowl because it is a time when the major risk factors for heart disease all occur at the same time, including eating poorly, smoking, drinking alcohol, and dehydration.

Instead of just observing the Super Bowl you can actually have some fun and get healthy simultaneously.  Watch the most thrilling game of the year while you practice some playful S.E.L.F. Care. 

Fun Tips For S.E.L.F. Care During the Super Bowl


  • Enjoy Half time. Listen to the halftime show. Just listening to music produces the powerful, healing hormone Dopamine. Sing along with the performers and get a boost from the healing hormone serotonin while also getting an immune boost of 240%.
  • Watch the Commercials. Laugh at the infamous Super Bowl commercials. You can increase your artery diameter by 22% just by laughing. Studies show stress can decrease your artery diameter by as much as a third.
  • Be a Cheerleader. Cheer for your team.  Just repeating a 3-5-word affirmation can lower your blood pressure and heart rate.  “Go 49ers Go,” or “Yes Chiefs Yes.”


  • Walk. Keep your beer or drinks in a cooler on the porch.  Walk to the cooler when you get thirsty.
  • Lift. Put a 3- or 5-pound ankle weight around your beer instead of a koozie.  You can lift weights with each sip.
  • Dance. After each touchdown, pick up your buddy and carry him around the room or form a line and do a dance around the room.

L= Love 

  • Super Bowl Party. Get a group together for the Super Bowl.  Being in a group is healing, reduces your blood pressure and heart rate, while giving you an immune boost. If you can’t get a group together go to a sports bar to share the fun.


  • Salsa. Helps produce lycopene which reduces your risk of heart disease and cancer while also giving you an immune boost.
  • Spinach dip. It’s rich in B’s which is great for neurotransmission.
  • Cheese dip or cheese crackers. They are rich in protein and calcium which is good for your brain, bones and protects you against cancer.
  • Bean dip. Beans are the called the perfect food because they are rich in protein, minerals and keep you satiated. 
  • Spicy foods. Spicy foods create healing endorphins which give you an immune boost.

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