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Jim Cotter: Small Town Hero

Jim Cotter is an 81-year-old retiree who lost his wife in May. Jim was lost without his life partner. Instead of staying paralyzed with grief, he decided he would do something to keep him productive and active. He is from a town of 2000, Glouster, Ohio. This little town had deteriorated over the years and its buildings were in a horrible state of disrepair.

Jim decided to paint the town. Previously before retiring, he was a sign maker. He started a town revitalization movement by gathering volunteers, buying paint and teaching everyone how to repair and paint the buildings. Jim has created a new community of hope in Glouster, Ohio. People are donating time and money to renew this dying town. Talk about an action of one person creating the ripple effect needed to bring people together towards building a Mindful Living commUNITY®.

Jim Cotter is our Mindful Hero™. An 81-year-old man could have been devastated by the death of his wife and spent the rest of his life in quiet desperation. Instead, he chose to bring light, life, and hope into a small town experiencing the death of their community. Thank you, Jim, for inspiring us!

Video Update from The Columbus Dispatch

Main photo credit: Screenshot / YouTube (The Columbus Dispatch)

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