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Mindless People Watch as Man Drowns

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

It is almost impossible to believe that a team of trained professional rescue personnel watched a man struggle in the water, clinging for life, for an hour until her drowned. We are unfortunately surrounded by mindless people

The Alameda Fire Department’s water rescue program was hindered because of budget cuts in 2009, and so, the fire fighters were not certified in land-based water rescue so they watched a man slowly die in front of them for one whole hour. The water was, by the way, too shallow for these mindless people at the Coast Guard to perform the rescue, so no one saved his life.

When I was 19 a strong current carried a person out to sea at New Smyrna Beach in Florida. As the crowd on shore gathered and people started yelling, I instinctively jumped into the water and began swimming toward the struggling young man. He was exhausted and almost drowned when I got to him. I pulled him back to shore, praying like a mad woman every stroke of the way, back to shore. He lived!

The reason I tell my story is because I have been in a similar situation and know how it feels. In that moment you have no choice but to be human and do the right thing. Did the NY Fire Department stare at the World Trade Center and say, “I am not trained for terrorist attacks?” These courageous souls responded with dignity and honor as they rushed to aid fellow human being in need.

I hope this sad example will inspire mindful people to care more for humanity.

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