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Moms of Park City 5-Mindful Hero Series

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

This is the start of our Mindful Hero Series.  In 2008, five young graduates of Park City High School in Park City Utah (ages 17-20) tragically died in separate accidents between the months of February and September. Alice Pennels lost her son Mike, Cindy Blount lost her daughter Connie, Kaye Knoop lost her son Matt, Kelly Yeates lost her son Chris, and Ellen Knell lost her daughter Erica. The devastated mothers of these young people decided to gather together with their pain and suffering to find some redemptive work that would help heal them.

To honor their children these wonderful mothers created a nonprofit organization dedicated to needy kids around the world. They want to provide educational opportunities for other children in need. They have raised $80,000 and opened their first school in Ecuador. They have also begun building a school in Bolivia for children in need.

These Mindful Heroes set a great example to each of us on how to transmute grief and loss by banding wounded hearts together to help others in need. To learn more please visit the PC 5 Fund website.

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