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Unlock the Secret Energy of Money

The Incredible Energy of Your Money

Most of the ancient spiritual traditions consider money as a source of energy. When you experience the “flow” of money energy you can change your life in many ways. This idea is the root of Mindful Money®. Money can have a negative or positive connotation. For many of us just to say the name money can cause anxiety, fear or sadness. Begin to think of money as energy flowing through you life than can create immense opportunities.

Money Creates Energy in Several Ways. 

  • Freedom. Money can create freedom in your life. When you don’t have enough money to get what you need to live you can worry and experience stress or depression. Physically and mentally you can feel imprisoned or constrained. If your finances are tight you can begin to obcess about money all the time. It’s tough but try not feel fear and anxiety each time you think about money.. Repeat a positive affirmation such as, “I surrender my anxiety today. I know good things are in my future.” Seek help from a no cost financial planner. You can find one through your community centers, churches, and online.
  • Choice. You create more choices in life with the energy of money. Whether you have enough money or are in financial straights realize each dollar you spend you are making a choice of where your energy is going in your life.
  • Power. When you have money you create your own personal power. When you save and earn money you can experience the flow of energy moving through many facets of your life.
  • Happiness. The flow of money through you into the world may allow you to create greater happiness. There is a peace and confidence that accompanies having money on hand. Of course, happiness is not dependent upon money but it can surely create greater mental and physical health and well being which leads to greater  happiness.
  • Legacy. The energy of money can help you create a legacy in this world. The energy of money can help you become a great philanthropist and humanitarian.  Money can give you the ability to create a powerful legacy on this planet. You have the ability to create foundations and charitable organizations that will aid people, animals and the environment long after your death.

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