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Office Picnic on Your Lunch Break

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It’s spring and beautiful outside and you don’t feel motivated at work. So, let’s bring some energy and fun going to work by organizing a potluck office picnic.

Send a memo around the office announcing a date for a picnic at lunch (be sure to leave a few days for planning). You can have it either in the conference room or set up in the outdoor area of your office building. Use picnic tables or bring quilts and set up on the lawn outside. Check with your HR department, your boss and your building security, especially if you plan to host the picnic outdoors.

This is a casual, fun lunch picnic, so make it stress-free. No worry-warts and perfectionism, please! Bring in streamers, balloons or even water guns as mood breakers!

Most of the delicious vegetables and fruits are in season this month. Make a food list in your memo to your co-workers with choices on what they can bring to share.

Office Picnic Tips

Be sure during the RSVP, they let you know what they are bringing to the picnic party.

  1. Vegetables
  2. Fruit
  3. Sandwich meat or meat substitutes (soy meat)
  4. Cheese
  5. Bread
  6. Condiments (ketchup/mustard/hot sauce)
  7. Salads (pasta salads/potato salads/egg salads/garden salad)
  8. Desserts (pound cake/angel food cake/cookies/brownies)
  9. Drinks (stick to iced tea, coffee, and water): sodas are unhealthy and costly
  10. Plates, napkins, cups and plastic ware (or have each employee bring their own)
  11. Quilts/table clothe/decoration if you decide to go outside

Avoid items you may have to cook. Keep it simple but fun. You’ll instantly become the office hero!

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