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Organize a Halloween Block Party

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Are you in the mood for spreading some ghostly glee? Consider throwing a neighborhood Halloween party.

Before you start planning your spook-fest you should take some Mindful steps. For a Halloween block party to be successful you’ll need the support of the community. See if the neighbors would like to participate and contribute with the planning, food or decorations. As a group, come up with a theme that best fits the party-goers (single adults, families with kids, etc…).

Organizing a Community Halloween Party

If you’re looking for a few Halloween party ideas consider the creepy themes listed below.

  1. Harvest festival. If some of the neighbors are wary of a Halloween party consider a harvest festival instead. You can decorate the party area with scarecrows, haystacks and pumpkins. Consider playing games like an old-fashion pie eating contest, bobbing for apples, pumpkin carving and cook-offs. You can also serve apples cider and homemade chili.
  2. Spooky carnivals. Carnivals can be fun, but scary ones can be even better. Guests can arrive as scary clowns or sideshow staples like a bearded woman or the world’s strongest man. Try decorating with old-fashion carnival posters, ticket streamers, and balloons. You can set up activity areas like face painting and a photo booth with props like masks. You can serve candy apples, popcorn balls, and cotton candy.
  3. Scary treasure hunt. Your guests can arrive as pirates. You can decorate with hanging swords, pirate flags, and treasure trunks. For the kids consider hiding candy like an Easter egg hunt. For an older crowd consider creating a treasure map with clues, riddles, and messages in bottles. You can create pirate food like cannon balls made from coconut and chocolate or cheeses and small fruits on swords sticks.
  4. Comic legends. Guests can dress as superheroes and villains like Superman or Catwoman. You can hang posters featuring the emblems of heroes and villains or you can decorate based on a comic city like Gotham. You can hold a costume contest and set up a superhero training obstacle course for the kids. Consider serving hero sandwiches or snacks wrapped in cones made of comic designed paper.
  5. Tales of terror. A murder mystery can provide a night of fun. You can come up with a script and clues for the mystery. Your guests can come dressed as mystery characters from books, TV shows, and films like Scooby Doo, Nancy Drew, or CLUE characters. You can decorate with things like caution tape. And you can serve cookies with words like “Top Secret” written with icing.

If need party favors to go with your spook-tastic party, check out these Mindful ideas.

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