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Restyle Your Office

by MLN Staff

office lobby with fytowallLike it or not, our jobs takes up a majority of our time. In fact, we spend most of our day, 8.8 hours, working or doing work-related activities. Working in a creative, or relaxing space can make us feel more comfortable and make the time fly by.

Offices across the country are starting to catch on to the innovative office movement. From mega companies (such as Google) to tiny start-ups, businesses are starting to recognize the benefits of a creative work space. If you think your office is in need of an update consider the tips listed below.

Three ways to restyle your office space:

  1. Chalkboard paint, cork board walls, and dry-erase walls. Even the dreariest of office tasks can seem fun when you have innovative tools to get the job done. Fun gadgets or tools can make all the difference, but don’t forget your office walls. Chalkboard paint, cork board walls, and dry-erase walls can make staying organized, hosting a presentation, or mapping out difficult problems just a little bit more fun. Some people have taken it even a step further with dry-erase desks, so you can work out quick strategies at your desk without wasting paper.Young people employee workers having break in start up office - Human resources business concept with creative entrepreneurs on fun working game - Vintage lomo filter look with enhanced sun flare halo
  2. Imaginative greenery. Forgo the simple office plant and come up with creative plant features for the office. Vertical plant dividers can help you feel more connected to nature, even if you’re working indoors. Larger offices (with high ceilings) have also planted trees in their spaces or hanging vine plants from the ceiling. Another great idea is a vertical garden along a wall in your office. Everyone will feel like they’re working in thick jungle. Many companies are now trying this technique such as the utility company Nuon in Amsterdam.
  3. Designated play areas. Happy workers make better workers, which is probably why so many offices have invested in play spaces for their employees. Some offices have a foosball table or space for a basketball hoop, but the play areas don’t always have to involve games either. Some bosses have brought a little joy to their office spaces with slides and old firehouse poles. The London office of HOK (a global architecture and engineering firm) has an indoor/outdoor space complete with grass, plants, a vertical garden, and lawn chairs. It’s the perfect place for a picnic lunch with your coworkers.

Bonus. Looking for some more ideas to help enhance your office? Check back next week for part two of this post.

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