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“Upcycle” Items for the Office

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We all have odds and ends around the house that we don’t know what to do with. We could recycle or donate them. Or we can take these ordinary objects and “upcycle” them into furnishings for our home or work. “Upcycling” usually requires little to no additional supplies. Remember, we are incorporating Mindful Green Living into our everyday!

Here are some repurposing ideas:

An organized office is an efficient office. Here are two Basic Organizers:

  1. Shutter mail. Tired of losing important mail? Have some free wall space? Consider painting old shutters you’re not using with bright colors (different colors bring different energies into a space). You can lock the shutters in the “up position” with a little hot glue, mount them on the wall and slip papers between the panels.
  2. Picture frame keys. Have an old wooden picture frame with a vintage look? Simply remove the glass and place a few screw hooks into the side of one of the frame’s four panels. Then mount the key holder on the wall.  Another idea is inserting a cork board as the backing and using it as a message board.

To get work done you’ll need a clear desk. Here are a few Desk Accessories:

  1. Egg carton organizers. These cardboard containers are the easiest repurpose office items. Just leave the egg carton open and place it in a drawer. You can fill the cups with coins, paper clips and push-pins. In the open top you can store markers and scissors.
  2. Cereal pencil cases. Need more space for pens and pencils? You can convert a cardboard box into a pencil case with a quick template, scissors and a little tape.
  3. Jar container. With some paint you can change a mason jar into something special. You can store writing utensils or place fresh flowers inside to liven up the space.

With bread items you can get your office gadgets in order. Here are two Electronic Aids:

  1. Bread cable labels. It’s difficult to distinguish the printer, computer and scanner cord on a power strip. Luckily you can label them with the clips from loaves of bread and a marker.
  2. A docking station. You can charge your devices in one convenient spot with an electronic docking station. Use a bread box, drill, wooden board and power strip to make your own.

Other ideas:

  1. Cookie tray message board. Have an old cookie tray or sheet? You can rejuvenate it with a decorative paper or paint and turn it into a magnetic message board.
  2. Button magnets. You can even make your own magnets with old buttons, scissors, magnet strips and glue.

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