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Romantic Apps for Valentine’s Day

With the most romantic day of the year just around the corner, millions of Americans are buying chocolates and making romantic greeting cards. However, if you’re in the need of unique Valentine’s Day ideas, look no further than your smartphone. Nowadays, there are so many romantic apps to choose from.

Here are just a few Mindful Valentine’s Day apps to consider:

Romantic date ideas

 Come up with romantic ideas that are tailor-made for you and your partner with the Helpful Romantic app. This app has over 100 thoughtful ideas that will take different factors into consideration like your budget. Or you can consider the Nifty Date Ideas app, which offers creative date ideas, a video scavenger hunt, and more.

Personalized cards

To send a digital, personalized Valentine’s Day card consider the Red Stamp Cards app. With this app you can create cards with pictures from your smartphone and send them to a loved one via email, text, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Or with the Ink Cards app, you can create a personalized card on your smart device that will then be mailed to your love.

Love notes

 If you aren’t sure what message to include in your personalized card there’s an app for that too. Love Poem Generator will help you compose a poem and will even perform the poem out loud for your loved one. If you’d rather not come up with your own love notes, why not quote the greats. Apps like Love Quotes and Love Quotes (sad and sweet love) lets you browse the wise words of icons like James Baldwin.

Sweet, homemade treats

 Get tips for the perfect dinner with apps like BigOven, which offers over 250,000 recipes and even helps you create and organize a grocery list.  For dessert, consider apps like Cupcake Heaven or Betty Crocker for delicious Valentine’s Day treats.

Mood music and lighting

 For the romantic evening you’ll need the right music. If you want to revive an old school romantic gesture, creating a mixtape for a loved one, there’s an app for that ( If you’re looking for a romantic playlist to play during dinner consider the Romantic Music 2 app. Need special lighting, but forgot to get candles? Consider the Free Candle app or Amazing Candle app.

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