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Spring Clean for Extra Bucks

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task. If you find yourself putting it off for weeks, if not months, then you may need a little extra motivation. And what’s better motivation than a few extra bucks in your pocket? You can make money with your spring cleaning ritual.

Spring cleaning is a ritual that most of us participate in at one time or other. According to a prior survey from the American Cleaning Institute, 72 percent of American households engage in spring cleaning every year. And only 12 percent never spring clean.

If you’re someone who never cleans, listed below are a few money tips to help encourage you.

  1. Extra bucks in the bedroom. Participants in the American Cleaning Institute survey said that their main cleaning priority was the bedroom (76 percent). Fortunately, the bedroom is a goldmine for extra cash. Gently used clothes or shoes can be sold to consignment stores online or in person. Plato’s Closet and TredUP are just a few examples.
  1. Extra cash in the kitchen. The second most cleaned room for spring cleaning is the kitchen (73 percent). It’s also the room where you stand to make a lot of profit. If you have a kitchen appliance that you have yet to use or an old wedding gift (such as fancy china) that’s collecting dust, consider selling them. You can sell your kitchen appliances on websites such as Ebay and you can sell china to specialty shops or online with websites such as Replacements, Ltd.
  1. Finding green in family room or den. The typical family room or den gets a lot of foot traffic, which is probably why 61 percent of survey participants said it was a priority. Fortunately, there are a lot of big-ticket items that you can sell in your family room. Electronic gadgets you no longer need (like that smaller television or old computer) and furniture that no longer fits in the space can easily be sold for extra money. For instance, Gazelle will buy your old Apple computers or you can use other online sources, such as Craigslist (it’s also a great place to sell your furniture).
  1. Hidden cash in the garage. While cleaning out the garage isn’t always a top priority, some people do get to it eventually. The typical garage has plenty of hidden treasures that can save you money. Before you buy big-ticket items, take a look at your garage or storage space and see if there’s something you already have that you can repurpose with a little creativity and sweat equity. You can transform old items into something new and save money. For instance, with a few tips you can make that old dresser in your garage into a kitchen island or a bookcase for the kids. The possibilities and savings are endless.

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