Stop Holiday Stress in its Tracks

The holidays are right around the corner and so is holiday stress. Stop holiday stress in its tracks with these six tips.

6 Tips to Stop Holiday Stress

  1. Write it down. The brain can get overwhelmed with too much to do and too much information. Begin your de-stressed holiday season by making lists. Write everything down.
  2. Finances. Finances are the number one concern during the holidays. Three out of four Americans overspend during this time of the year. Create a budget and stick to it and there will be less unexpected expenses during the holidays.
  3. Gift list. Create a unique gift list. Instead of fighting mall traffic or last minute gifts, shop online all year-round to watch for clearances and sales. Buy gift certificates, spa vouchers, or give money to the recipient’s favorite charity in their name.
  4. Travel. Unpredictable weather, overcrowded airports, and unreliable transportation can all lead to stress and exhaustion. Memorize stress reduction techniques and teach them to others. For tips, visit Stress Institute.
  5. Family and friends. For many of us, the holidays are the only time of the year that we are able to spend time with all of our family and old friends. Make sure to make the most of this quality time.
  6. Depression. The holiday season can contribute to feelings of being overwhelmed and can possibly lead to depression. If your mood begins to sink make sure you let others know and get help.