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Surprising Benefits of Chewing Gum

National Chewing Gum Day, Surprising Benefits of Chewing Gum, Chewing gum reduces stress, Chewing gum increases your memory, Chewing gum controls your appetite

September 30 is National Chewing Gum Day.

There are many healthy and surprising benefits of chewing gum. You may want to keep some gum with you at work and home to manage stress, help your memory, and control your appetite.

3 Surprising Benefits of Chewing Gum
  1. Chewing gum reduces stress. The rhythm of chewing gum along with the muscle movement of your jaw is relaxing and reduces your stress. Studies show chewing gum increases brain activity and increases blood flow to the brain. This helps reduce stress and help with anxiety.
  2. Chewing gum increases your memory. Chewing gum increases alertness, blood flow to the brain, and influences brain activity.
  3. Chewing gum controls your appetite. Research shows chewing gum reduces caloric intake. Chewing gum reduced the desire to eat and hunger was suppressed for hours.

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