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Self-Care Tips for Hurricane Survivors

Hurricane Michael is predicted to be a monster. As of right now, more millions have been ordered to evacuate their homes and businesses and head to safer ground. If you are in the affected area, you are probably preparing physically (such as getting supplies or making travel arrangements), but are you preparing…

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Disaster Stress Survival Tips

Spring is the time of year where we can experience unstable weather and the possibility of a natural disaster. Disaster stress can occur after a natural disaster but also after a terrorist threat, a fire, or flood. You can become paralyzed by this incredible source of stress and have trouble…

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Recovering from Natural Disasters

Depending on your location, natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe winter storms can occur quite often. Unfortunately, too many of us wait until the last minute to prepare ourselves with things like emergency kits, tools, and natural disaster plans. And even fewer of us are prepared for…

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Disaster Survivors Need Money

Natural disasters are not only emotionally and physically damaging they can also wreak havoc on finances. Every household needs an emergency kit. And there are steps you can take to recover spiritually from a disaster, but what about financially? Here are some Mindful money strategies for disaster survivors: Filing insurance. It’s…

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S.E.L.F. Care During a Hurricane

It’s hurricane season. Besides physically getting ready — stocking up supplies, securing property and even evacuating, how can you get emotionally prepared for this 900-mile megastorm? Stress caused by natural disasters can negatively affect your physical and emotional well-being. Yet through mindfulness and S.E.L.F. Care, you can ensure that you…

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Dealing with Stress as a First Responder

In the past decade, help for first responders has become more widely available and also, readily accepted. If you’re suffering from first responder stress we have some tips for you. From the 9/11 attacks to Hurricane Katrina and now Hurricane Irene, the way fireman, police officers, and medical personnel are…

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Disaster Stress Tips for Survivors

Disasters hurt not just the environment and its victims but also all the disaster survivors. Here are a few stress tips for survivors that managed to escape or live through a disaster. First Step: Take Action Create a plan. As soon as you can, come up with a plan for yourself,…

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