Self-Care Tips for Hurricane Survivors

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Hurricane Michael is predicted to be a monster. As of right now, more millions have been ordered to evacuate their homes and businesses and head to safer ground. If you are in the affected area, you are probably preparing physically (such as getting supplies or making travel arrangements), but are you preparing mentally? Disaster stress is not uncommon, so take a moment to review these Mindful self-care tips.

Hurricane Florence is Coming

According to weather forecasters, Hurricane Michael will hit the east coast impacting South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia. With winds over 130-mph, Hurricane Michael is predicted to cause significant flooding as well as wind and water damage.

As time passes it seems like the storm is getting worse. that Michael has gone from a Category 2 to a Category 5 hurricane.

In short, Hurricane Michael could be a terrible disaster for millions of people. That’s why preparing physically and emotionally is so important.

Natural Disaster Stress

Stress caused by natural disasters can negatively affect your physical and emotional well-being. Listed below are some self-care tips can help.

  • Remember to breathe. Feeling overwhelmed? Is your heart racing? Take deep cleansing breaths. Blow out the stress and fear.
  • Talk about it. Share your feelings with others to reduce disaster stress. Releasing these feelings through communication will help you cope.
  • Surround yourself. Spend time with family and friends enjoying the emotional support these bonds bring.
  • Discover a mini. Take a mini. A mini is a short one- to two-minute meditation. Take a moment, if you are able, to close your eyes or focus your eyes on something. Take several deep diaphragmatic breaths and repeat a one- to five-word affirmation with each deep breath like “Keep letting go…”
  • Take care of yourself. Utilize our S.E.L.F. care methods and avoid alcohol and caffeine, which will make you more anxious and depressed. Browse our site for articles on S.E.L.F. care (serenity, exercise, love, and food).

Bonus. Worried about your kids and disaster stress? Check out these Mindful tips.

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